Life Sciences Staffing Specialists
Why Us
  • Providing best in class staffing services to the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology and Medical Devices industries since 1996.
  • Currently supporting majority of small, medium and large companies across the US including TOP 10 Pharma/Biotech and Medical Devices firms as a Tier 1 Supplier.
  • Saving our clients valuable time and costs on hiring, subscriptions to web portals and advertisements.
  • National Coverage - Registered in 23+ states with offices in 5 states and multiple international offices.
  • Strong combination of process, quality, business, clinical and scientific resources.
  • ISO Certified
  • Certified and highly skilled team that can support 24/7.
  • Flexible delivery and business models.
  • Proven project and process management industry.
  • Our Awards, Certifications and Industry Associations have increased our clients’ confidence in timely deliverables and also make us proud.

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